Katie, began her journey into the beauty industry by narrowly escaping the jaws of public education when she enrolled in the Aveda Institute Columbus in 2010. She experienced every salon atmosphere available while honing her craft, specializing in color and men's hairstyling. When not in the salon, she can be found singing Broadway tunes, enjoying tacos, and shooting the breaze with toddlers.

Katie opened the doors of Tom Cat Salon on a cold, winter morning in 2015 with a simple vision: to enhance  your beauty, strengthen your confidence, and nourish your self-esteem. ​What followed was a history we create together alongside her loyal clietele, until joining the team at Phia Concepts in 2017.

Enough about us! We have a few questions for you. You love it when your hair is played with, right? It's kind of in the job description to give you that feeling every day.

When do you relax? Do you look for a quick refresh during lunch? A little getaway in the evening? Or a full-on Treat Yo' Self session for the weekend? Whatever it is--we got you.

What do you want to see? A bombshell with dimension and depth? A rich, sultry goddess? To light up a room with your vibrance? Your silver friends to disappear? Cool. We make that happen.

How do you wish to feel? When you step out of the salon, what is your experience? Do you feel rushed or drained? What if you felt as stunning, empowered, and awesome as you look? Is that a thing? We thought you'd never ask.

People saying nice things

"Amazing enviroment to be in while getting a haircut! Super friendly conversation and pampering! Best experience I've ever had!"

-a real cool dude
"Katie is awesome. Super easy to talk to and did an incredible job at getting the exact cut I wanted. She made sure to check before every step to see preceisely how I wanted my cut. I highly recommend her as she is a total pro."

-super funny gal
"Katie was very professional and knowledgeable. She made me feel very comfortable. She maintained a good conversation which made the 45 minute haircut feel like 10 minutes."​​

-handsome gentleman
"Extremely knowledgeable, professional and skilled. Plus she's a great person. She also gave me the most stunning eyebrows. I consider Katie a Hair Goddess."

-not at all shy with the compliments
"Katie did an AWESOME job! I'd been going back to Chicago for 2 years and took a chance on Katie. SO HAPPY I DID! Katie is very easy to talk to, made sure I had realistic expectations, and is now my sylist. I just LOVE her for color and Keratin."

​-enthusiastic human
"Great personal service, homey feel, and works with you to find the perfect haircut. Also, gives you easy tips and tricks to style your hair after. Highly recommend."

-business owner and extra nice lady

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